I didn’t feel like a person,

I felt as if I was an object.


I think that was also in tandem with being referred to as “her” and being the subject. I felt anger and sadness for anyone who has experienced this. It’s hard to describe, it’s the feeling of anger and sadness that was pretty overwhelming.

You should not let those feelings hide and grow and be monsters. If we bottle up any of our monsters inside, we are letting them take control.


But we have the power and the people behind us to help us be greater than we think we can be.

You’re not alone, even if your friends haven’t experienced it - they are there to help you.


When you are ready, share your story, bring light to it. Do everything you can to move past it and not let it control you. And try to find comfort that you’re still here and you’re still your own person.


Don’t let it take that away from you.