1. to undergo or suffer (something unpleasant, especially an injury).

2. to strengthen or support physically or mentally.

3. to keep from giving way, asunder trial or affliction.

4. to keep up or keep going, in the midst of adversity.

We have sustained years of feeling as though we are not enough, as if our bodies don't mean anything, as if we are worth nothing.


These are our stories.

No one story is alike and no experience is ever the same.

We share our stories to remind survivors that we are not alone. It is beautiful to have sustained something so heinous but come out on the other side stronger. The part of you that wants to heal is stronger than the part of you that is broken, and healing comes when we accept that we are not responsible for anything that happened.


We hope that these photos 

speak the words we can’t 

and tell the stories of the emotions we face, 

without us saying a word.